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Designing bright for the hype

We are a team that deals with projects of any complexity: from writing scripts that automate routine tasks to designing and implementing cloud servers.


  • Testing
    We put quality and stability in the first place. Our accumulated experience allowed to synthesize the paradigm of Test-driven development for practical needs.
  • Websites &
    Reflect your ideas on the expanses of Internet space and develop a better client-server architecture.
  • Mobile
    We are developing technically sophisticated applications for business. Help you to be in touch with customers and easily outstrip competitors.
  • UI/UX Design
    We focus on dialectical principles which allow the visual side of the design to carry the massage of the business customer.
  • Data analysis
    Machine and deep learning are not just words for us. Help the accumulated data to work for you.


Redux, React
Objective C, Java, Kotlin, Swift
Ruby on Rails, Elixir/Phoenix, Python/Django
Data science
Python (Numpy, Pandas), Spark, Hadoopp (Hive, HDFS, PIG)

Details. Small Details. That's what we care.

  • Discover
    Our mission is completely put ourselves into client’s business, understand working principles and then develop the top-notch digital product that meets all client’s needs.
  • Strategize
    We follow a clearly research plan to achieve our business goals. Received information makes it possible to attract large traffic and transform web visitors into leads.
  • Execute
    Our team is professional developers and designers with rich, many years’ experience. We use this background to develop quality and easy to use digital products.
  • Launch
    You get a ready-made and technically sound product which can be scaled at any time. The developed application is a really ready-made marketing tool aimed at your target audience.
  • Evolve
    We use scientifically grounded and practical methods of measurement to analyze the effectiveness of the work that we did.
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