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Vladislav Rozenkin
Inner character Deidara

Vladislav Rozenkin
The tactful skeptic who
is trying to achieve perfect
results when the others give
up! The code itself is his
Frontend Developer
Vladislav Rozenkin
Yuri Rozanov
Inner character Baron Humbert von Gikkingen
(The Cat Return)
Yuri Rozanov
If you encounter something
mysterious or a problem
that's hard to solve, you have
a place to go. He's never
confused, and he knows
a way out of any situation.
Backend Developer
Yuri Rozanov
Kirill Kuznetsov
Inner character Uchiha Madara

Kirill Kuznetsov
"Priest, we remember your
prophecy that our great
ancestor will return to us."
Kirill learned how to do things
on his own. The most
focused team member.
Fullstack Developer
Kirill Kuznetsov
Denis Markin
Inner character Ant-Man

(Marvel Comics)
Denis Markin
Denis knows that all kinds
of data need different types
of interventions. Using his
superpowers, he'll dismantle
your data and will find
the best way to organize
your dataflow. Using
the Clickhouse weapon and
PostgreSQL shield, he will
put things back the way they
should be.
Data Scientist
Denis Markin
Alexander Dmitriev
Inner character Obélix

(Astérix et Obélix)
Alexander Dmitriev
Alexander fell into a cauldron
of the Elixir of Skillfulness
when he was a baby, causing
him to be the only developer
in the Brightlab team
who is in a permanent state
of superhuman unity
with code. We know that
he can handle all types
of tasks, and he'll close
all jobs in time!
Fullstack Developer
Alexander Dmitriev
Artyom Karpenko
Inner character Dr. Strange

(Marvel Comics)
Artyom Karpenko
Artem used to look at life
through a keyhole. Yes,
his code on vanillaJS saved
thousands of lives.
But then he found out that
his reality was just one
of many in a multi-populated
frontend. And now Artem
draws energy from other
dimensions of the Multiverse.
Frontend Developer
Artyom Karpenko
Alexey Topchiev
Inner character Portgas D. Ace

(One Piece)
Alexey Topchiev
When Alexey writes the code,
his fingers are on fire!
Each component is hot and
fresh, like a real fireball!
This flame protects against
bugs and errors in the code!
Alexey is sure that the team
is a big family, and he is
always ready to support each
team member.
Frontend Developer
Alexey Topchiev
Artyom Moskalets
Inner character Nicholas Fury

(Marvel Comics)
Artyom Moskalets
The initiator, brilliant
strategist, operational
machine learning master,
and startup booster.
Extensive experience
in analytics and statistics.
The owner of a Ph.D.
in social. He never stops,
he never stays, he never asks
to be thanked.
Artyom Moskalets
Denis Rozenkin
Inner character Iron Man

(Marvel Comics)
Denis Rozenkin
The leader, dev team core
member, tough teacher
and experimenter.
Denis was acting on his own,
but over time, he realized
the collective development
power. Now he is surrounded
by and works with passionate
and skillful developers
led by him.
Chief Technical Officer
Denis Rozenkin
Ruslan Djafarov
Inner character Aslan

(The Chronicles of Narnia)
Ruslan Djafarov
Ruslan is one of the most
experienced frontend
developers in the Brightlab
team. He was born to absorb
"Frontend" jungles. Stuck
with javascript stuff?
He already knows the answer.
Just read a new article
about the new framework?
He looked inside
that box already.
Frontend Developer
Ruslan Djafarov
Alexey Smolyaninov
Inner character Naruto Uzumaki

Alexey Smolyaninov
He's as good as you've never
seen: super-secret style,
like a ninja. He uses
his magic touch to heal
the product. Alexey makes
life easier, protects
the product, day and night,
usually battles bugs,
and can see right
through the problem.
Frontend Developer
Alexey Smolyaninov
Ayuka Badma-Garyaev
Inner character Hanzo

Ayuka Badma-Garyaev
In search of redemption,
a warrior is an incomparable
master of code components.
Can he summon dragons?
No, but he can create
and animate them using
the secret powers of ReactJS
and VueJS.
(“Let the dragon eat my enemy!!!”)
Frontend Developer
Ayuka Badma-Garyaev
Oleg Mikhailenko
Inner character Wirt

(Over the Garden Wall)
Oleg Mikhailenko
He roams about the strange
forest called Unknown.
He often holds a determined
and severe perspective
on situations.
Oleg’s calmness is the most
reliable weapon to solve
the problems or mistakes.
He thinks a lot before
he chooses the right
So will you take a peek?
Frontend Developer
Oleg Mikhailenko
David Ter-Grigoryan
Inner character Thanos

(Marvel Comics)
David Ter-Grigoryan
David is the inevitability.
Like Tanos, he sees
no obstacle to his goal.
David will stop at nothing
and complete any task
he has begun.
David will destroy and reduce any error in the code
to atoms because his goal
is to make harmony
in any business he takes on.
Backend Developer
David Ter-Grigoryan
Viktoriya Manukyan
Inner character Velma Dinkley

Viktoriya Manukyan
Viktoria is a girl
with particular interests
in design. She likes to solve
mysteries in font and color
cards and tries to explain
her ideas in terms of mind
and color palette. Often loses
glasses without which she
can't see anything. Usually,
because of this, he gets into
trouble - for example,
when another customer
is chasing her.
Viktoriya Manukyan
Oleg Butorov
Inner character The Traveler

(PS game Journey)
Oleg Butorov
They say you know a person
through the actions and
choices they make. Oleg
always tries to make the right
choice. He also developed
a love for visual aesthetics
that pushes them to create
new forms from bland sand
and stone environments.
It all boils down to this:
creative mind strapped with
a thrive for perfection.
Frontend Developer
Oleg Butorov
Alexandеr Kalashnikov
Inner character Peter Parker

(Marvel Comics)
Alexandеr Kalashnikov
Alexandr is an exciting
character with superhuman
endurance and patience.
He often sticks to new
projects. Very ingenious,
respects team spirit
and is always ready to help
the team. But he never
photographed a spiderman.
Frontend Developer
Alexandеr Kalashnikov
Julia Zhukova
Inner character Appa

Julia Zhukova
Julia will accompany you
all the way. Patient, calm,
always ready to listen to you,
and start looking for
a solution to your problem.
Her goal is for the whole
team to travel from start
to finish, getting the best
possible experience from
the work done.
The main thing is no circus!
"Appa is a 10-ton flying bison, it would think of something."
Project Manager
Julia Zhukova
Andrew Skibin
Inner character Homeless Emperor

Andrew Skibin
Andrew is a man with untidy
hair and a beard, bags
under his eyes. A master's
degree in economics didn't
stop him from becoming a
developer. He can handle any
Python script or SQL query.
With the help of telepathy
communicates with
machines. He is weak
in close combat, as his body
is the body of an ordinary
Data Scientist
Andrew Skibin
Arina Klimova
Inner character Darwin Watterson
(The Amazing World of Gumball)
Arina Klimova
The cheerful fish are in a
hurry to help! She doesn't
need air, and she breathes
creativity! Bring a sea of
colors and new design
solutions into your life. It will
save you from the wrong
steps and direct your project
in the right direction. And
most importantly - she
will do it with love.
Arina Klimova
Ivan Borisenko
Inner character Orgrim, the hammer of rock
Ivan Borisenko
Bald. Bearded. Frowning.
Suspicious of all orcs,
especially Gul'dan.
Appreciate duty
and friendship,
not without a sense of humor.
Backend Developer
Ivan Borisenko
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